12/16: a wintry walk & a slip-sliding chris

The roads were too icy to go to campus today, so we worked quietly at home. By the late afternoon I was a bit stir-crazy, and we went for a brisk and welcome walk along the ridge. Very slippery! My snake boots turned out to be excellent ice boots as well, and I didn't lose my footing once. Chris' formidable-looking hiking boots were less effective, however. He slid a lot, sometimes quite impressively. After one particularly long slide we both laughed out loud in the crisp cold air.


Wolfidy said...

I've been MIA for a few days...I missed this!

Today's good thing is my puppy, Peach's sweater. It's so cold that she will shiver...I looked trough dog sweaters, but knew she was going to grow, so I went to the little boys department of the PX and got her a red sweater. She loves it and even helps put it on 'cause she knows she's going outside!

RR said...

Oh, how fun & sweet!