12/7: rearranging Christopher Smart

I was playing around with Christopher Smart's Hymn 1, which he wrote as a new year hymn. I made a list of all the words in the poem which begin with an S, leaving out words starting with SH or the SH sound. I then rearranged the words until I came up with something I liked. I didn't end up using "sally" or "steeds," but here's what I did with the rest. It's just a little lark, but a little lark can be a good thing:

Spirits sublim'd speak sweetly,
sounding speckl'd symphonies.

Strive, special spirits,

Send spirit-seed.

1 comment:

Wolfidy said...

Sounds spectacular. ;)

Good thing for the 7th: Eating at a real sit-down restaurant for the first time since August. It was awesome.