6/24: morning doodles

During the past semester I developed the habit of writing 3 journal pages each morning, and it was a really good thing to do. Now that I'm in summer mode, I've been finding it harder to fill 3 pages daily. There's simply less for me to process (thankfully). So I've started a different practice which I've been enjoying. (In fact, I've been enjoying it so much that I'm afraid I'll jinx it by writing about it.) Everyday Lisa Vollrath on her gluebooks page posts a different word as a creative springboard; I'm not a gluebook person, but I've been using the words as doodling prompts, and it's really fun. I try to doodle in a way that illustrates the word. So far I've done: fathom, festoon, hegira, heliolatry, rococo, and--today's--haptic.

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Barbara said...

So.... when will we be seeing the doodles? Everybody else blogs their doodles... you'd be so in vogue!!!!