2/20: sunday morning

My Sunday mornings this semester are falling into a pattern of letter-writing and book-review reading. Not only are these things enjoyable in themselves, but it's also a pleasure to see the pile of back-logged issues of the New York Times Book Review shrink and to have the stack of unanswered letters on my desk dwindle. Will there be a day when there are no letters left to answer and no book reviews remaining to read except the current one? What would it feel like to be Truly Caught Up? I'm not sure I'm even aiming for Truly Caught Up, but some movement toward that end is certainly sweet.


Barbara said...

Truly Caught Up? Hmmmm. I have a list of ongoing needs and interests that are perpetually behind and sometimes it gets to me! You name it - everything from stacked up magazines to ironing to yard care, yeah, I would love to be Truly Caught Up!

RR said...

Hi, Barbara--I think Truly Caught Up will never *really* happen for me, and I even think that that's a good thing. But in these two little instances, there is some satisfaction in the back-log at least getting smaller.