6/10: a collection of good things

Paging through The Horn Book Guide over breakfast and identifying books I'd like to read or at least look at further.

Learning that plummet and pumpkin are diminutives. I like diminutives, words that have a suffix meaning "little" in them. Plummet means "little piece of lead" (it was a noun before it became a verb), and a pumpkin is "a little melon." I keep meaning to start a list of all the diminutives I come across: words like sonnet, canticle, muscle, gazette, gosling....

Getting an orientation to Chris' new system of hoses for watering the trees around the property. We have a dedicated well for watering plants--it's not drinkable water, but it does a good job of keeping the trees going during the summer months.

Realizing that the swarm of bees which we brought home at the beginning of the month has truly taken up residence. There's always a chance that a swarm will decide to move on, but these bees have decided to stay put. They're building comb in their hive boxes, and we're giving them sugar water as extra fuel (since they have no honey stores).

Receiving an email from my brother about the Abstract Comics anthology that I've been enthusiastic about. I mentioned it to him on the phone recently, and he thinks it's pretty great, too.

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