6/14: blue box bonding

I am fond of the US Postal Service's blue mailboxes. They used to be fairly well sprinkled through cities, but the USPS has been removing them over the past few years. My favorite one (which gave me an excuse to walk across campus each morning) was taken away last year. I recently discovered a new one outside a bank which my errands sometimes take me near, so I've started using it when it's convenient. Today as I was turning away from the box, having just deposited my mail, another woman came up with hers. She had popped off her bike for a second to drop it off; she planned this stop on her route, too. We smiled at each other.


Barbara said...

I remember how happy I was when we moved to our present home and there was a rural style mailbox on a post next to the driveway and the sidewalk. I'd never had one like that before. One of my favorite rituals is to place my outgoing letters inside, close the door and raise the little red flag. I just finished making a little flower garden around the post. Bliss!

RR said...

Hi, Barbara--I grew up with the rural-style mailbox, so maybe that's why the blue boxes are especially fun for me, just like the rural postboxes are for you?