8/19: summer tasks done

At the beginning of the summer I had a list of some professional things that I wanted to do before classes started again. Today I finished the last one (sending an article off for consideration). I find the submission process stressful, so I've procrastinated until basically the last possible moment. And, I'll admit, I was largely motivated today by the idea of how disappointed with myself I'd be if I didn't manage to do it before summer's end. But I re-read the article one more time, tinkered with some wording and formatting, wrote the requested summary--and drank a celebratory beer as I readied my paper to be sent.

(Hats off to my friend Sandy, who manages to send her work off much more regularly and seemingly with much less angst.)


Sandy Longhorn said...

Ah, thanks, Rebbeca. I think the fact that poems are so small and we have to send so many out in a group helps create a thicker skin. Lots of practice with accepting rejection. :).

RR said...

Hi, Sandy. I wish my field allowed simultaneous submissions like poetry journals do. We're only allowed to submit to one place at a time, making it a very lengthy process if the first place takes a year or two to make up its mind (which isn't uncommon).

Sandy Longhorn said...

Ugh...a year or two...ugh! Then, I think rejection would sting the more fiercely! Good luck!