8/2: making it through

Coming to the end of a day which has had unexpected loops and unpleasantness. Sometimes it's just good that the sun sets and will rise afresh.

I did, though, manage to write my "arrears" correspondence for the day, so that's something. And a friend to whom I am still in arrears wrote me a fresh note today, which was very kind of him and makes me feel encouraged about the correspondence catch-up project. It's nice to be reminded that people do want both to hear from me and to tell me about their lives.


Barbara said...

Turn it into a streak - 30 days without missing. Day One - done! If you miss a day you have to begin again at one.... Works for me! (I'm also not beyond stickers on the calendar....)

RR said...

That's a great idea, Barbara! I love the idea of beginning the count anew if I miss a day.