10/9: ahead for now

I had a list of 30 people I wanted to write, call, or otherwise contact in September. I did make it through the list, but had to run a little into October to do it.

I made a new list of people for October, and I'm nearly halfway through it. I like being in touch with folks, but I think I need a list so that I have a visual reminder that it's important to do, even when work is busy.


Anonymous said...

My good things for today: To see photos of my week old niece. To eat ice cream. To knit. To go jogging and just get it done! To heat the furnace and enjoy the warmth. To wait for autumn break. To make and write postcards.

RR said...

What a great list, kuusenalla, and thanks for stopping by! I, too, am waiting for autumn break (which comes for me later this week).