6/22: in spite of a migraine!

I didn't realize until the late afternoon that I had been contending with a brewing migraine all day, but I managed to have a good day anyway.  It included:  reading in the morning, talking about poetry in the afternoon, making some mail art after dinner, and then kayaking in the evening (with an enthusiastic 5-dog escort down to the dock!).  I'm not sure I could/should ask for more goodness in a day.


Sandy Longhorn said...

Ah, well now things are making sense. I hope the pain is past!

You are always a "good thing" in my life, especially in person!

RR said...

Thanks, Sandy!

And yes, looking at lunch in retrospect I can see the influence of the migraine...too bad I didn't realize what was happening at the time. It bums me out that I wasn't at my best when we were together, but luckily I know we'll meet up again soon--which is definitely a good thing to look forward to!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Yes to looking forward!