9/30: catching up (kind of)

I went to the dock yesterday evening at sunset, and I stayed longer than I had planned because one of our neighbors (whom I really like and whom I hadn't talked to in awhile) was there.  That set me back in my preparations for today's teaching.  I decided to get to school a little earlier than usual to try to make up the lost time.  But in my office this morning I got an unexpected call from a colleague who wanted to talk through an issue, which erased the gain of going in early.  (I didn't at all mind talking with my colleague, but I couldn't believe it happened on today of all days.)  Still, I managed to get all of my prep and grading done (just) before my classes.  I had to finish the last bit of grading in the 10 minutes between two of my classes, but I did it!  More work has already piled up, and tomorrow looks like it will be crazier than today, but having made it through today is a good thing, as well as a reminder that catching up--if only temporarily--can be possible even when it seems unlikely.

9/29: wings

Thinking about Christopher Myers' Wings today, on my own and with my seminar students.

9/28: quick response & reception

A student of mine recently got into a bad bike accident on campus (not at all a good thing--her jaw needs to be wired shut for 6 weeks!), so today I suggested to some people in the administration that we add some signs in particularly perilous places on campus.  They responded quickly and were receptive to the suggestion.  It might seem like a no-brainer, but often at work seemingly no-brainer suggestions are met with unexpected opposition, so I was glad that this wasn't one of those times.  (Truth be told, the folks I wrote to aren't ones who tend to oppose things; I've just gotten so used to inexplicable resistance over the years in general that I try not to get my hopes up.  Then I can be especially delighted when I get a receptive response.)

9/27: brother sun, sister moon

A colorful sunset at the dock this evening:

And then a sight of the partial eclipse before the sky clouded over:

9/26: pliage

While paging through Artforum this morning on the porch with my coffee (a perfect weekend morning activity), I came across a short article about Simon Hantaï's pliage technique.  I love the concept and Hantaï's results.

9/25: doctor appointments done

Yesterday and today I had to go visit some specialists my regular doctors had referred me to.  Not fun to try to shoe-horn medical appointments into the school-week, but I know it's easier for me than for lots of other working people.  I'm glad the appointments are over with no follow-ups in sight (knock on wood).

9/24: kindred spirit

While I was walking from the pier to my car this morning a man on a moped pulled up and starting taking pictures.  I said hello, and he said that he was stopping to take a quick picture on his way to work.  I told him I had just done the same thing.  It was good.

One of the pictures I took of clouds reflected on the water:

9/23: sky show

The early evening clouds as seen from our yard.  Before I became obsessed with photographing water I used to photograph clouds.  Sights like these make me remember why:

9/22: hawthorne

I got to teach a tale from Hawthorne's Wonder Book today, one that I've done research on over the years.  It was great to revisit the story and, honestly, it was really nice to realize how much good thinking about it I've done.

9/21: blogiversary

This blog is 7 years old:  that's a good thing, and I am grateful to everyone who stops by to read or comment!

9/20: sweater weather

I'm sure it's going to get hot again here in Arkansas, but today was my first put-on-a-sweater day of the autumn.  And I remembered how much I love an oversized grey cotton cardigan that I bought last year.

9/19: back road colors

I drove home from the creek this afternoon along a country road rather than on the highway.  Lots of bright orange-yellow on the roadsides these days.

9/18: early in the day, early in the autumn

It was not a peaceful day; work swirled me up inside in a number of ways.  But before that, for a few minutes in the morning, I enjoyed the light and colors at the pier.  Autumn is arriving in Arkansas.

9/17: tilde's voice

I love her meow.  I love that she tells us things.  I love that she announces herself.

9/16: collaborating

...with a campus colleague I don't see or work with much these days.  It was a good thing to connect with her and get a job done quickly and clearly together.

9/15: papyrus

"Papyrus" is the name that Converse gave to the color of my new Chuck Taylors.  How could I resist?

9/14: not alone at the pier and dock

This morning I stopped at the pier on my way to work but didn't get out of the car because I didn't want to disturb the great blue heron perching there.

This evening Chris and I walked down to the dock to watch the sunset and two of our young neighbors were there swimming.  After the light faded we all walked up the hill together.

I do like having quiet-time/alone-time with the water, but today it was nice to see others enjoying places that I love too.

9/13: two at the same time

I needed to bring both kayaks up the hill from the lake.  Instead of taking one and then the other I brought them both up on their carts together, pushing one in front of me and pulling the other one behind.  It was not easy, and I didn't need to do it that way.  But it was nice to know that I could.

9/12: on my own

I had tire trouble on the drive to and from the creek today, but I resisted the urge to call Chris for help and dealt with it myself.

And a photo from my solo creek walk:

9/11: choices paying off

Chris invited me to his ancient philosophy class to talk about what it's like to read Heraclitus in Greek.  It meant extra work, but it was something I really wanted to do.  So there I was at 8 a.m. this morning, trying to explain to folks with no Greek experience at all how some enigmatic fragments "tick" in their original language.  It went well, and I'm glad I opted for extra work in this case.

This evening I stayed on campus late so I could go to the annual staged reading of the winning play in the alumni play-writing contest.  I was so tired at the end of the work-week that I was tempted just to come home instead, but it was a very interesting piece and it felt so good to see and hear other people's creativity at work.  Nice to be driving home, knowing that I made the right decision.

9/10: just lovely

A student's oh so nicely done writing assignment.  What a pleasure it was to read it.

9/9: heraclitus over coffee

While I ate breakfast on the porch this morning I read some fragments of Heraclitus in Greek.  Kind of odd to start the day with well-balanced paradoxes written in a language I'll never be fluent in--but odd in a very good way.

9/8: easy reading

My evening reading in preparation for teaching tomorrow was long but not difficult.  A good thing on an evening when I'm not feeling well.

9/7: half-holiday

I had school-work and house-work to do on today's holiday, but I was able to do it all at home and in comfy clothes.  And without having to set an alarm clock.  And with Chris and the cats for company.  And with nice foods and treats for lunch, dinner, and snacks.

9/6: finishing & starting

I finished reading Speak by Louisa Hall this morning while sitting on the porch as Chris and the cats dozed.

I started listening to Echo by Pam Muñoz Ryan this afternoon while sweeping the house.

9/5: waking up and picking up

Excited this morning to wake up and continue reading the novel I started last night:  Speak by Louisa Hall.

9/4: in the creek

The more I visit the creek at Woolly Hollow, the less timid I am about wading into the middle of the stream and crouching down with my camera.

9/3: frog trail

When I woke up I saw a tree frog's tracks across the condensation on one of our windows.  I always love this sight:

9/2: lots of chalk

I bought a bunch of sidewalk chalk today so that students in Chris' ancient philosophy class can write their favorite fragments of Heraclitus on the sidewalks on campus.  I'm really interested to see what they choose!

9/1: curry

Now that the academic year has begun, faculty get a certain number of free meals in the college cafeteria.  Most professors use them on lunches; Chris and I tend to use them for dinners when we're on campus until late.  At today's dinner there was a creamy curry sauce, one of my favorite offerings.