5/26: sending

...an email I should've written months or even years ago.


Carol Beth Icard said...

Well, I have more than one good thing to report but the first one is that I have read about your blog! I relate totally with your description for the blog, and it is a practice that I thought about adopting, just writing it down for myself.

Another good thing that happened already today is a visit with a friend. We are both busy and it takes a concerted effort to just sit down and have an hour to share our lives.

To top it off, this evening I have a gala art reception to attend. A painting of mine will be in a show called Art in Bloom. Twenty artists were juried into this show to have the local Ikebana society interpret one of the twenty works submitted by the artists, with an Ikebana floral display. It should be really interesting! I am grateful to be included.

RR said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Carol! I know what you mean about carving out time to meet up with friends--so challenging to do sometimes and yet so worth it. And I hope that the art reception was great. I stopped by your website and loved seeing your work posted there!