9/27: on our shelf

Chris and I both--but separately--recently remembered a book we had borrowed from a library in upstate New York in 2000.  Neither of us could remember the title though we could picture other things about the book distinctly, and we thought we knew the author's name but initial searches online didn't lead us to it.  Finally we pinned it down:  it was Funny Ways of Staying Alive by Willis Barnstone.

What's a bit odd is that we didn't entirely love the book when we read it--but it was interesting enough (and our ambivalence interesting enough?) that something about it stayed in our minds all this time.  It seemed too coincidental that we both had thought about it recently, so I decided we should have a copy.  It's out of print, but I ordered a used copy and it arrived today.  It's now part of our household.  It felt like something of a reunion to see those pages again and have them match up with my memory.

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