2/20: a little holiday

No classes today because of the national holiday, and I enjoyed...

...getting to sleep in.

...working on the porch a little with the cats for company.

...going into town for a hair-cut that was hard to schedule on a day when there was school.

...taking a few photographs of blooming things in the yard (and then ordering postcards of those pictures as well as yesterday's).

...reading my students' analysis sheets on passages from book 24 of the Iliad.  They used a format that I'm experimenting with this semester, and they did really nice work.

...finishing the Odyssey.  What a semester: one in which I get to read and teach both the Iliad and the Odyssey!  And reading the Odyssey reminds me of translating parts of it in graduate school with a fellow graduate student as we sat outside in the UCLA sculpture garden--that's as much as a landmark memory as the Iliad landmarks I mentioned last week.

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