8/2: revising & expanding

...my Beauty and the Beast paper.  It's a matter of adding footnotes that connect what I'm saying to other scholars' work and mentioning a few things that there wasn't time to mention in the presentation.  When I get into this kind of work I enjoy it (but weirdly when I'm not doing it I forget how much I enjoy it).


Anonymous said...

... a wiber message that my colleague at office got made us laugh really hard.. a delicious lunch for my girls and me at my Mom's... watching my girl install the battery and turn on the tiny string lights... Good things on one of hottest days this summer in Slovenia - from Meri

RR said...

Hi, Meri, and thanks so much for sharing pieces of your day--it is always wonderful to hear from you, and I love the image of the string lights turning on. Best wishes to you and your family!