5/4: morning rose

Leaving the house this morning, I found this waiting for me on the bush:

5/3: latin leaf

I got to spend time transcribing a 13th century Vulgate Bible leaf today.  It's from the book of Apocalypse/Revelation, and it has some differences from the traditionally edited text (which kept me on my toes).

Here's a digital image.  (The handwriting is so small that about 10 lines fit in a vertical inch.)

5/2: reading & enjoying

...Chris' paper about Twain's views of argumentation in his book about Shakespeare.

5/1: morning, afternoon, evening

Morning and evening:  on the porch at home.  Beautiful weather.

Afternoon:  at school copying, collating, and stitching pamphlets of my Etymology class' word studies.  Putting the booklets together went a bit more smoothly than I had anticipated, and it feels good for the stack of them to be done.

4/30: green world

Spending time on the porch today, enjoying the green and smelling the privet.

4/29: end of the day

I was too tired after work to do more work (or much of anything).  Chris found a short British series called "Detectorists" on Netflix, and we enjoyed watching it, even laughing out loud at points.

4/28: sounds

...birds in the morning.

...my students talking in groups about short stories this afternoon.

4/27: cleared

I cleared a pile on my campus desk today by filing all my accumulated receipts for reimbursement.