7/22: pinochle

As the sun went down and the evening came on, my mother, our dear neighbors, and I played pinochle outside, enjoying the air and the company.

7/21: old and new

This afternoon I visited the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, where I worked on weekends one summer while I was in high school.  They're having a 40th anniversary celebration exhibit, featuring some of their favorite things from the permanent collection.  I enjoyed rediscovering some pieces that I remember from years ago as well as seeing newer acquisitions.

7/20: syllabub

I'd never had syllabub before, but I like the word and I've intermittently flirted with the idea of making it.  Today I finally whipped some up, and yay!  I'm sure I'll be making more again before too long.  It's a bonus that Pepys mentions having "a good sullybub" (his spelling of it) in his diary for July 1663.

7/19: visiting the lake

I took time this morning and this evening to walk around the lake where, years ago, I learned to swim.  Swimming there is no longer allowed (alas), but I took pictures (of course).

7/18: surrounded by flowers

My mother has had a lot of landscaping done around her house, and much of the (not small) yard is now a garden.  It's amazing to see a variety of colorful flowers everywhere you turn.  Here's a bit of a hydrangea:

7/17: before sunrise

Birdsong heard through the open window.

7/16: in the garden, under the tree, on the porch, and around town

Planting with my mother in her garden in the morning.

Sitting under the weeping willow tree in the early afternoon, talking with friends and neighbors.

Spending the evening out with my childhood best friend, and talking with her mother on their porch before we went.

7/15: out of the box

I grew up seeing this statue while playing and walking in the formal gardens near my childhood home.  When I've been back to visit over the past three years, she's been covered by a wooden box to protect her while restoration work was being done on the wall around her.  Today I was so, so excited to see that she's out of her box.

(Kisine, designed by Paul Manship)