5/26: out of it but okay

I mustn't have slept well last night because I've felt "off" all day, but I managed to get some sweet things done, and for that I'm grateful.

I finished Marion Fay last night and started to process my thoughts about it in my morning writing.

I readied packages for my mother and a friend and took them to the post office.

Chris and I met a friend for lunch.

I wrote a program assessment report that's due this week.

I contacted the Little Rock high school Latin teachers to see if they want to get together this summer and talk shop.  They've all already responded in the affirmative (yay)!

I spent some time with Agnes Martin's Islands for today's 100words entry.

I put away all my laundry (several weeks' worth).

I went kayaking.  It didn't seem like it would be a colorful sunset, but at the end it did this:

5/25: cooperative cleaning

We cleaned the common areas of the house today--much needed at the end of the school year.  Though it's not a glamorous "together" activity, it did feel good to be working alongside one another to make things tidier again.

5/24: a little list

Lots of time on the porch (nice for me, nice for the cats), writing postcards, finding it quicker and easier than I had anticipated to write some emails, reading Trollope, getting ice cream with Chris, watching a bluebird that didn't seem too concerned about our closeness.

5/23: sinking in

I just started reading a new-to-me novel by Trollope, Marion Fay, and I just want to keep reading it.  I'm really enjoying it and am also enjoying the fact that I'm enjoying it.

5/22: this morning's pages

In the summer I often try to write four not-formal pages a day, usually about whatever I'm reading.  I've done my pages a few times this week, yet it was hard since my summer reading/thinking hasn't really begun.  Though there are times when it's good to have to work to find things to think about and articulate, I was beginning to be impatient to have an overflow.  Today I did.  Seeing Antony and Cleopatra last night, discussing it with Chris, and then reading Garber's chapter on it in Shakespeare After All over breakfast primed my mental pump so this morning on paper I could go go go.

5/21: private showing

This evening Chris and I went to our local movie theatre to watch the broadcast of the Stratford Festival's production of Antony and Cleopatra.  We were the only ones there--luxurious.

5/20: making

...the honeysuckle jelly.

5/19: picking

...honeysuckle for honeysuckle jelly.