2/10: two things that helped

Talking with Chris and doing the dishes.  (Not at the same time.)

2/9: okay at the end

I often leave meetings feeling flustered and/or self-conscious and/or worried about what I said.  Today we had a long meeting at school and at the end of it I didn't feel any of those things.

2/8: not really lost

I arrived at school this morning only to find that my office key was not on my key-ring.  Public safety opened my door for me, so a temporary fix was pretty easy, though not the most relaxing start to the work-week, and getting a new key made at school is a real hassle (wrapped-in-red-tape and time-consuming), so I was worried about what it would mean if my key were lost for good.  But it wasn't:  I came home mid-day to see if I could find it, and I did.  In the pocket of the coat I wore on Friday.  Now I'll know to check each morning.  And actually it's a pretty good thing that in 16 years this is the first time I locked myself out.

2/7: enjoying

...designing a poster for an event at school.  I'm nervous about the event itself (a workshop on altered text and remixed poetry), but making the poster lifted my attitude.

...the fact that I went kayaking yesterday and went to Woolly Hollow today.

...eating pupusas.

...reading a few poems from The Scented Fox by Laynie Browne, an essay in Design as Art by Bruno Munari, and more of The Magician's Land by Lev Grossman.

...ordering a few novels from Persephone Books.


...getting the garbage ready for pick-up tomorrow.

...playing another round (against myself) of Latin Scrabble.

...getting some valentines ready to mail.

2/6: warm without wind

...and that's a recipe for being able to kayak.  I went out in the late afternoon so I could spend some time paddling around before watching the sunset.

2/5: latin scrabble

I ordered some sets of Latin Scrabble, two for school and one for myself, and they arrived today.  I celebrated the start of the weekend by playing both sides in a two-player game.

2/4: thanks, alarm clock

I've written plenty of times here about the pleasure of getting to sleep without an alarm clock (on weekends and during holidays), but today it was a pleasure to wake up earlier than usual (with prompting from my alarm clock) and get enough work done in the course of the day that I could take the time in the evening to go to a lecture.

2/3: more migration

The cedar waxwings are passing through town and they spent the day eating berries on a big holly tree outside my office building.