9/29: rotated back in

Today I wore a shirt I haven't worn in years, and I'm not exactly sure why I stopped rotating it in.  It's well-designed, more stylish than what I've been wearing recently but not in a showy way.  I felt good in it all day.

9/28: back to postcrossing

Postcrossing was a big find for me in the spring of 2007:  I had always enjoyed sending postcards, and it was amazing to discover a community of like-minded folks.  Over the past year, though, I've only been participating (very) intermittently, but this morning while enjoying my time on the porch I wrote 12 postcards.

9/27: evening out

We went to North Little Rock to watch a play by a local playwright.  We arrived at the theatre early and so wandered along a little stretch of Main Street.  How not to be charmed by an old sign like this one?

9/26: bonuses

I got really amazed this morning while looking at fossilized pterodactyl outlines.  I was poking around online a little because I wanted to be able to show my students how the pterodactyl's name (wing-finger) is apt, and I was jaw-dropping astounded by the images at Wikipedia like this one (click here). I didn't think my day had such a thing in store for me.

I had mentally prepared myself to be finishing my abstract this evening (to meet a midnight deadline), but I managed to finish and submit it early--which gave me time to kayak.

9/25: mid-morning break

At 10:08 I looked at the daily email listing of on-campus happenings, and I saw that there was a dance recital at 10:10.  I didn't have time to weigh if I should or shouldn't go--I just went.

9/24: more systematic

Over the past week I've done some noodling with an abstract.  This evening my work on it was more focused and organized, and I think I'm three-quarters done.

9/23: in my bag

Back in September 2009 we had some days of great clouds; seeing them while on campus and being unable to photograph them (because I had no camera with me) was one of the things that pushed me to get a little camera to carry around in my book bag.  (Old blog post about it here.)  Today was another September day of great clouds, and as I left my office in the afternoon I was so glad I had my book-bag camera on hand.  It's not the same one from 2009 because I've gotten a little more particular over time, but pulling it out made me think fondly of that first one.  And these were the clouds I was grateful to be able to photograph today:

9/22: unsystematic but something

I am trying to pull together an abstract for a paper, and I've done scattered thinking on the topic over several years, taking unorganized notes on related articles and books.  The lack of organization is not a good thing and something I need to rectify (though not now, as I'm trying to get the abstract done).  But it is good that I made some time today to think about the ideas, poke through some old notes, and collect new bits of bibliography.