1/16: unsmooth but okay

It was the least smooth first-day-of-classes of mine that I can remember, but I got through it, thankful for the goodwill of the students and some colleagues.

1/15: morning at home

It was a get-ready-for-the-start-of-classes day, but in the morning I was able to do my work from home, which made a gentle on-ramp to an afternoon on campus.

1/14: 101

... 1-inch by 1-inch collages which I've made over the past 8 days.  They're not elaborate, but I enjoy them as abstract exercises in combining colors and patterns and (importantly) in not-over-judging and not-over-thinking.

1/13: morning, afternoon, evening

Morning:  writing some Postcrossing postcards.

Afternoon:  talking with my childhood best friend for hours on the phone.

Evening:  starting to put my home office to rights and, though daunted by the task and by no means done, enjoying the feeling of straightening things up.

1/12: glossing

I had a number of goals for the winter break, and I won't have reached some of them by the time it ends (on Monday), but I did manage to write all my glosses for the commentary on Trollope's An Old Man's Love.

1/11: discoveries while Gutenberging

I proofread this month's set of pages for Project Gutenberg this afternoon.  They were from a novel by Margaret Marshall Saunders (1861-1947), a Canadian author whom I'd not known of before and about whom I'm glad I know now.  The pages I got to proofread had some interesting remarks about war (against it) and cats (celebrating them).

1/10: working on Trollope

A friend and I are writing commentary about the uses of Classics in An Old Man's Love by Anthony Trollope, and we've been using the winter break to make some headway.  We don't live nearby one another, but we've been spending some afternoons, each at our own place (states apart), working on our glosses and knowing that the other is doing the same.  It's been fun and sweet and smooth-going.  But today was a bit more intense/vexing/puzzling on my end: there was a nut to crack about a particular mention of Horace, and though it took about two hours of researching and poking in the Odes, I think I finally got it.

1/9: kindle app

The Kindle app on my iPhone means I can always carry a book around with me.