9/20: pindar's word order

This morning I was looking at the word order in the opening of Pindar's 1st Olympian ode.  What's usually translated as a straightforward simile is not so straightforward:  if you go word by word it's a metaphor or equation first, then the simile word appears.  That's much more interesting.

9/19: morning, afternoon, evening

As I was getting ready to leave my house in the morning, I was thinking about my childhood best friend.  Just as I was about to send her a text, a text from her arrived on my end!

After lunch I was looking over the reading notes some of my students turned in, and one student used the adjective "thoughtsy" (on analogy with "cutesy").  It made me smile.

In the evening I opened my mail and found a print of Mary Ellen Solt's "Forsythia," which I love.  (Thank you, Carol!)

9/18: moth-writing

I was eating my breakfast on the porch this morning while it was still dark, and little moths were whirring around the light on the deck.  They caught the light and, against the dark background, their crazy-quick movements seemed like writing in the air.  If it happens again I'll try to take a picture, but this morning I just wanted to sit and watch.

9/17: kinds of quiet

Grocery shopping in the afternoon was hectic but surrrounded on both sides by more calming things:  reading on the porch, watching two deer graze at the edge of the woods, and going to compline.

9/16: before and after lunch

Before lunch:  experimenting with an idea for a pamphlet. 

After lunch:  writing a proposal for work.

In both cases I'd been thinking about these things off on on for months, and it feels good to put them in motion.

9/15: on its way

For over a decade I've been sending honey (from our bees) to a friend for Rosh Hashanah, but a few times I've cut the mailing close, and last year I didn't send it in time at all.  This year's honey, however, started its journey this morning and should arrive on Monday, well before the holiday begins.  A small victory, but I'll take it.

9/14: clytie & colors

When I was little we had a record that told a number of stories, and the story of Clytie was my favorite one on it.  Years later I read about Clytie in Ovid's Metamorphoses--a grimmer telling for sure!  Today I searched online and found a digital copy of the record from my youth and I had to listen to the Clytie story right away.  Amazing to be transported by the words and sounds back to an earlier me.  And interesting how the story merges the ancient myth with aspects of Hans Christian Andersen's "Little Mermaid."  (If you're curious, the recording is here and the Clytie story starts almost 5 minutes into the whole:  http://www.mousevinyl.com/content/best-loved-fairy-tales-disneyland-records.)

On my way to school this morning I stopped at the lake.  They recently moved an old bridge from elsewhere in Arkansas and installed it near the pier where I sometimes take pictures.  Today I tried some photos from the bridge, and this is one, with fall colors looking more like flowers than leaves:


9/13: an upturn

A difficult morning turned into a better afternoon because two dear people took time to communicate carefully and caringly with me.