2/26: crossed letter received

Last week I wrote a crossed letter, and that was a good thing.  Today I received one, and that is also good!  I enjoyed the intentness of the experience of both writing and reading that way.

2/25: some positive responses

...to my campus-wide call for paper printed on one side only for an upcycled/recycled notebook project.

2/24: both

Another snow day.  One bonus of working from home is time with the cats.  Emma sat in my lap as I read after lunch, and Tilde slept in my lap as I worked at my computer at tea-time.

2/23: twice

One walk on the ridge in the afternoon with Chris.  Another one on my own near sunset.  And both in the falling snow.

2/22: gratitude

I found out last night that a dear, grand lady had passed away--she had been a kind of fairy-godmother to us children in the neighborhood as we were growing up, and I am so grateful that I got to experience some of her specific magic.  I am also grateful to my childhood neighborhood friends--one of them wasn't sure I would have heard the sad news so contacted me yesterday to let me know, and another one of them wrote a perfect tribute paragraph on Facebook today, saying so well what more of us were thinking.

2/21: chapter and coffee

By late morning a migraine had descended on my day, but before that I enjoyed drinking my coffee while reading a chapter in a biography of Emily Dickinson.  The chapter focused on how aspects of her schooling (in terms of both specific content and general disposition) are apparent in her poems.

2/20: roman game

Chris and I played a Roman version of backgammon this evening.

2/19: sooner rather than later

I realized a student had a very full (indeed, too full) plate of things to do this semester, so I suggested that he think about not doing the project with me that we had been planning.  He thought about it and decided not to do the project.  I'm bummed because it means I don't get to do the project, either, but I honestly don't think it would have worked given his schedule--and it saves us both time and frustration to realize that now.