10/19: reading poems

...in the morning before going to school.  I didn't really have time to do it, but I took the time to do it, and it was a good thing.

10/18: blazing

The setting sun cast a crazy-bright path across the water for just a few minutes.

10/17: trio

At the lake and during our walk up the hill this evening Chris and I saw a bat, a walking stick insect, and a tarantula!  I love seeing tarantulas, and it had been some time since we sighted one, so this was a very nice thing indeed.

10/16: cleaning

...the refrigerator with Chris.  Not glamorous at all!  But nice to have it done and nice to spend time together doing it.

10/15: moonlight

We kayaked as the moon rose.  I'd never been paddling on the lake at dark before.

10/14: fall break

It's short, maybe too short, but oh so welcome.

10/13: quiet & full

It's fall break, so I worked from home today and got a lot done--including making cookies with Chris (with ginger, cranberries, pine nuts, chocolate chips, and oats), and they're fantastic.

10/12: making a list

...while sitting in the quiet by the lake.  It was a moment of calm claimed in a not-so-calm day.