1/29: long-lost taste

When I lived in upstate New York and in California I loved to eat Dannon's coffee-flavored yogurt.  Dannon still makes it, but for the past 15 years it hasn't been available in the grocery stores near us here in Arkansas.  Now it is.  And the first spoonful today--oh my goodness, what a sense memory.

1/28: a good morning

I read a helpful research article while drinking my coffee. 

On the way from the house to the car Chris pointed out that the winter honeysuckle is blooming.  I paused to smell it.

Arriving on campus, we heard, then saw, the waxwings.

I was in my office early enough to be able to prepare for my classes in an altogether calm way.

1/27: a little bit

A bit of time this evening to collect some bibliography for a research project that is overdue in getting underway.  Though I need to dig in soon, every little bit helps (I tell myself!), and during the work-week there's only time for little bits, it seems.

1/26: clarity in hindsight

A decision that was fraught and difficult to make last week is so clearly the right decision to have made this week.

1/25: listening & assembling

A pleasant morning spent as I started to listen to the audiobook of John Wyndham's Chrysalids while finishing up a bit of lingering chapbook-binding.

1/24: smaller circle

After a week of talking at work it felt good to have a day of more circumscribed conversation with only Chris, the cats, and some neighborhood dogs.

1/23: at the end of the day (and week)

As I stood at my office door at the end of the day, double-checking all the lights and plugs to make sure that nothing was turned on or plugged in that shouldn't be, I realized that my to-do list for the day was done and my desk was tidy.  That felt like a good way to end the first week back at school.

1/22: tired but trollope

I was drained at the end of the teaching day.  I thought I might not be able to focus on any tasks in the evening, but I have some Trollope (The Three Clerks) to read for a project with a student, and that was a perfect way to combine working and resting.