10/29: morning mandala

I was walking to the car this morning and saw that a spider had made this:

10/28: on either end

A nice paper by a student at the start of my work-day.  A very smart idea from a student at the end of my work-day.

10/27: sunrise & sunset

As is clear from this blog, I'm more of a sunset person than a sunrise one, but today I got to enjoy wonderful colors at both times.

Sunrise colored clouds as seen from our deck:

Sunset painted water as seen from the dock:

10/26: moving through and on

I did something today that didn't go particularly well.  In ways it might have gone embarrassingly not well.  But I got through it, I am trying not to overly worry about it, and tomorrow is another day--I'm trying to focus on those good things instead of on the going-not-so-well-ness of the thing itself.

10/25: eating the alphabet

For lunch I made pancakes in the shape of the letters of the Greek alphabet!

10/24: pausing on the way to the car

Be-dew-ed spider webs, seen as I was walking from the house to the car in the morning.  Nice to start the day with a little magic.

10/23: waking light

I wasn't feeling well this morning so I stayed in bed a little longer than usual and got to see an amazing sunrise through the window.  A little later in the morning I noticed that Bryan, a friend of mine in a different part of the state, had posted a colorful sunrise picture on Facebook; I'm glad that the sunrise was good where he was too.

10/22: a welcome reminder & no waiting

At work today we got an email reminder that it was the last day for getting a free flu shot on campus.  I had completely forgotten about it but like to get the shot each year, so receiving the reminder was perfect.  And when I got to the place where the shots were being given, there was no line.