4/25: two

...bluebirds flying overhead on my walk from the parking lot to my office building.

4/24: cancelling

...a meeting for tomorrow, making today much less stressful.  (The stress would be worth it if the meeting could have helped--but it couldn't, so it would just have meant extra stress.)

4/23: scanning

...one of my students' Odyssey alterations.  It was great to see them altogether as a set.

4/22: making

...a new pamphlet!  This time, an erasure of a journal entry by Dorothy Wordsworth.

4/21: loosening

...my thinking with my weekly quiet writing session.  It helped me figure out what to do for my final exams.

4/20: different seat

I've been sitting in the same place in faculty meetings for a number of years now (a decade?!).  Today Chris and I sat in a different spot--across the room--and the change in perspective was good.

4/19: trying out

...the ancient game of knucklebones, but with plastic ones!

4/18: signs of mid-spring

Honeysuckle and whippoorwills.