9/27: on our shelf

Chris and I both--but separately--recently remembered a book we had borrowed from a library in upstate New York in 2000.  Neither of us could remember the title though we could picture other things about the book distinctly, and we thought we knew the author's name but initial searches online didn't lead us to it.  Finally we pinned it down:  it was Funny Ways of Staying Alive by Willis Barnstone.

What's a bit odd is that we didn't entirely love the book when we read it--but it was interesting enough (and our ambivalence interesting enough?) that something about it stayed in our minds all this time.  It seemed too coincidental that we both had thought about it recently, so I decided we should have a copy.  It's out of print, but I ordered a used copy and it arrived today.  It's now part of our household.  It felt like something of a reunion to see those pages again and have them match up with my memory.

9/26: three chapters

...of Trollope read and commented on.  My progress is much slower than I'd like, but at least I got some done!

9/25: good email

I was worried about an email I had to write yesterday, but I got an answer today that reassured and relieved me.

9/24: goods, plural

My body has been odd today:  I've felt shaky pretty much the whole day, as if I'm worried or nervous or about to cry, but I'm not.  I don't know what's caused it, but it's a good thing that I noticed it happening and have been gentle with myself.

Chris went flying in the morning and after taking off in Pine Bluff for the return home had to loop back to that airport to make an emergency landing because something in the plane's engine broke.  That part is not so good, but it's undeniably great that no one got hurt, Chris landed the plane without further damage, and his training helped him make a landing that was as safe and smooth as possible.

I finally (finally finally) hemmed four pairs of pants.  This needed to happen long, long ago, but at least it's happened now.

I exchanged some texts with my dear childhood friend.  She lives next to my mother, so she also sent me some photos of the flowers blooming in my mother's garden.

We got a very interesting set of pieces for our found-in-the-public-domain series at Heron Tree, and we accepted two of them.  We read blind, so I didn't know until after we decided about them that they were submitted by a long-time reader/supporter of Heron Tree, and that's especially sweet.

9/23: unexpected

A call from a friend this morning.

9/22: into year 9

My first blog entry here was on 9/21/2008, so I've now started my ninth year of daily good things.  I haven't managed to post something for every day (except for 2015--yay!) and it hasn't magically made me into a massively more optimistic person (though I hoped it would), but I think it's helped, as a slow transformative discipline, to push me to be accountable for noticing good things amid my frustrations and worries.  And that's a good thing.

Also good:  Chris showed me where some slender ladies' tresses were blooming in our woods.

9/21: late for work

...because I kept lingering to photograph the spiderwebs in our yard.

9/20: in the cafeteria

...vegetarian curry for dinner.  And we got to see the wonderful person who checks everyone's i.d. card as they go in to eat.