11/19: combining

...two flavors I like by making chocolate cake and icing it with teaberry frosting.

11/18: celebrating early

For my birthday I ordered myself a nut roll from my part of Pennsylvania; I just can't find anyone in Arkansas who makes them, and I really enjoy them.  Though it's not my birthday yet, I treated myself to it for breakfast this morning.

11/17: ending the work week

...by doing Quiet Writing with a friend and then going to dinner, where we talked about work (of course) but also art, and then did some art.

11/16: labyrinth

It's been awhile since I walked the labyrinth at school, but I did today.  The autumn light through the colored leaves was amazing, and I was glad to spend a little extra time in it.  The labyrinth itself was covered with fallen leaves, which made the path harder to follow--yet harder in a good way because it made me focus on my steps.

11/15: the georgics

We read the bit about Orpheus and Eurydice from Vergil's Georgics in one of my classes yesterday and I forgot how odd that text is.  As a result I don't think I set it up at all well in class, but I've been thinking about it since then, have clarified and pushed my thoughts, and have some idea of what to say tomorrow.

11/14: starting

...a long-distance creative collaboration with a long-time friend.

11/13: trying new ways

...to go over the homework in Greek class.

11/12: not the wisest thing

...to go kayaking while feeling under the weather.  But the sun was mostly shining and the autumn colors were out, and I would have regretted it if I hadn't gone out, just for a bit.