6/21: a rainbow

...seen from the road.

6/20: alabama

...a new-to-me state.

6/19: emails

I get cathected about writing emails, and over the past week I've let them pile up.  But this morning I sat on the porch in the cool of the new day and got them done.

6/18: sharing

...a chocolate frozen custard with blueberries with Chris.

6/17: forgetting

...my worry about the conclusion to my paper while meeting up with a friend for iced tea, a chat, and a game of Quiddler.

6/16: experimenting

...with using pizza crust yeast to make cinnamon rolls.  And it worked!  Which means we made cinnamon rolls--start to finish, from measuring the ingredients to taking the baked rolls out of the oven--in 30 minutes.  This is a happy discovery.

6/15: memory game

I met a friend at a coffee shop and we played a memory game that uses images from Louise Bourgeois' Ode to Forgetting on the tiles.

6/14: using mind & body

A good beginning to my writing today, and then a good outing on the lake.