6/30: continuing the tradition

In June 1992 Chris and I made our first "Moon and June cake" in honor of Christina Rossetti's poem (here).  Today we baked, decorated, ate, and enjoyed this year's entry into the tradition.

6/29: quick gratification

Returning home, I was (very) eager to have notecards printed with some of my mother's costume designs that I scanned last week.  The drugstore in town has an online photo site that allowed me to upload the scans, choose the card layout, and have them printed to be picked up in a matter of hours.  It was great to see the finished products so quickly.

6/28: terminal f

Terminal F in the Atlanta airport is beautifully designed and was sparsely populated today--what a pleasure to be in as I passed the time between connecting flights.

6/27: not making a day of it

My mother and I had thought about going into Pittsburgh and spending the day in the city before checking into the airport hotel.  We decided not to, opting instead to tidy up the house and make one final lovely meal (Vietnamese noodle soup) before the drive to the airport hotel.  I'm grateful to have had the little bit of extra time at the homestead.

6/26: scanning

...some of the sketches my mother has made over the years for the hundreds of costumes she's designed and sewn.  The sketches on their own are amazing, and it's boggling to realize that she turned each hypothetical costume she drew and painted into an actual one that someone wore on a stage.  What a body of work.

6/25: walk & talk

A morning walk in the estate so that I could beat the rain.

A chat with the man who is doing some major re-landscaping of my mother's yard, making much of it into a garden.

6/24: trio

Morning:  sorting books in my mother's attic.

Afternoon:  making a cobbler with plums, honey, and rosé wine.

Evening:  walking on the estate and standing under the umbra of an amazing century-old weeping elm.

6/23: finally

...writing some emails that had to be written!  And the actual doing of it wasn't so bad at all.