7/20: spending a little time

...with the Imagining Language anthology:  reading bits of Christopher Smart and Gerard Manley Hopkins and seeing an ideogram project done by Michael Winkler.

7/19: pausing

...while making dinner to admire an onion slice.  (The photograph doesn't do it justice.)

7/18: out

...on the glowing water.  I thought it would be too rainy to kayak, but by sunset the stormy weather had moved on.

7/17: putting up

...a little shelf with Chris.  It's in the laundry room and it's the new home for the Schleich animal figurines.  I'm glad we'll be able to see them there each morning when we iron.

7/16: revising

...my thoughts about Zachary Mason's Metamorphica a little bit.  I read The Lost Books of the Odyssey with a student this past semester and really enjoyed the experience, so I was cautiously looking forward to the publication of Metamorphica this summer.  "Cautiously" because I worried that the book would be more of a perfunctory reprise (applying the same touch to Ovid) rather than something fresh.  And mostly I am disappointed (as a reader) and frustrated (as a researcher of classical reception).  But I found a few of the longer stories in the last half of the book more interesting.  I'm glad for them and for the chance to change my mind (but still wishing that ZM had held off on publishing the book until all the stories were equally strong).

7/15: finishing, then...

This afternoon I put together the collection of the poems in Heron Tree's Visual Poetry in Black & White series (you can see it by clicking here).  I enjoyed working on this series a lot.

Because I did my Heron Tree work in the afternoon I was able to head out to Woolly Hollow after dinner.  It had been too long since I'd been there.

Light on the creek:

 Pines at the start of the trail:

7/14: learning

...a new word:  vlei.  It names a shallow, temporary lake or marsh.

7/13: Tilde

...sleeping on my armchair.  It used to be one of her places of choice, but she's circumscribed her movement around the house a lot because she likes to insulate herself against Simon.  Her branching back into this old area of hers is a hopeful sign.