7/25: smoother sailing

I've been thinking through an idea for another new pamphlet for two weeks, and now that the format for Hers is finally set I decided to give the new idea a try this afternoon.  And by this evening I had a little stack of them made (they're entitled Sisters: Three Palimpsests).  It's nice to have a smoother trip from idea to thing after having had to wrestle with Hers.

7/24: portrait time

...for a bear figurine:

Taking some funny pictures was a nice break from around-the-house chores.  And getting those chores done was a good thing, too.

7/23: summer rain

Chris, the cats, and I sat on the porch as the wind and rain churned up the green-and-brown smells of the ground and brought the temperature down.

7/22: all in one go

I try to proofread 10 pages each month for Project Gutenberg--it's not a lot, but it's a sustainable minimum especially during the school year, and of course I can always do more in a month if I want.  I did 12 pages for July this evening and am feeling happy that I started--and have kept on--volunteering this way.

7/21: finally?

My most recent pamphlet has been the most challenging to format so far.  I've had some breakthroughs over the past 10 days, and each time I've thought, "This is it."  But this evening I think I really settled on a final form.  Though it's been a clear development (retrospectively!), it's been a somewhat awkward and uncomfortable process, and I'm glad to have pushed through. 

7/20: three cats together

I've been a little worried at the changing dynamics in the house, with three cats now rather than two.  The two got along so well, often sleeping together and in general hanging out together.  The new cat is a kitten, so the older cats are needing to adjust to his energy and the kitten is needing to see how he can fit in.  But they were all three playing in the same room this morning and this evening--I'm hoping it's a positive sign for the future.

7/19: back to Trollope

It's time to write commentary on the uses of Classics in another novel by Trollope, and as I'm reading I realize how good it feels to be among his words again.

7/18: mail & email

So many great notes, postcards, and emails today--hurray!