12/17: auto-response

This was the last day of final exam period.  I set the auto-response on my work email to let folks know that I'll be away from it until the 27th.

12/16: very nice drafts!

My evening activity has been reading and commenting on the drafts of some seniors' final papers about Ovid's Metamorphoses.  They were really great to read--it was wonderful to see their ideas spelled out in detail, to spend time with their interesting thoughts, and to gauge how far they've come in the course of the semester (as well as in the course of their college careers).

12/15: interesting articles

On my way to the Greek final exam I slipped an old (but as-yet-unread-by-me) issue of The Horn Book into my bag, and I'm glad I did.  It was full of great features, really good food for thought.

12/14: foggy morning

I woke up this morning as if it were a school day!  I couldn't go back to sleep, so I went with Chris on his morning walk in the fields below our house.  The fog stayed with us the whole time we were out.  (Quite a bit of field plus the ridge beyond it is obscured by the fog in this photo.)

And the moisture in the air distilled itself somewhat magically on the grasses.

12/13: sorting

Time spent in my home office today sorting through months of accumulated things--all of it interesting but none of it ever urgent enough for me to take it in hand.  It feels good to have winnowed my way through it.

12/12: unplanned call

My sister and I missed our first-Wednesday-of-the-moth phone chat last week because we were both busy grading.  This evening I wrote her a quick email and she decided to call me as soon as she read it, which brought a smile to my night.

12/11: three walks

I haven't gone on walks much at all this semester; but over the past few days I've managed a few, and today I fit in three.  I joined Chris after lunch and before our afternoon appointments on his walk to the post office in town, and then I walked down to the dock in the late afternoon and again at sunset.

From the afternoon dock-walk:

12/10: a handful

Lunch with Chris at a sandwich place in Little Rock after my doctor's appointment.

A walk with Chris on some new "nature trails" on campus.  They're more manicured than natural, hence the quotation marks--but it was nice to walk on them before turning to an afternoon in the office.

Getting half of the Greek final exam written.

Red velvet cake in the cafeteria at dinner time.

Time to sweep the house this evening while listening to more of A Snicker of Magic.

Hanging out with the cats.