5/28: working

...on some hats I helped my mother design for Beauty and the Beast.  And the director liked a picture of one of them that my mom sent him.

5/27: dinner and cards

My mother, our long-time neighbor, and I went out to dinner at a Greek restaurant we've gone to whenever I've been in town over the past few years.  And then we came home to play Quiddler, which we're all newly hooked on.

5/26: cordial kits

The first of the dandelion cordial kits were made and shared today: syrup, cans of seltzer, a lemon, and the directions for making lemonade with it all.  And I got to enjoy some myself while chatting with a childhood friend before taking one of the kits up to her parents at their house.

5/25: the lake

It's been windy and/or rainy for most of my time in Loretto:  not the right weather for visiting Lake St. Francis and taking water photos.  But yesterday there was a space of clear weather and low wind after dinner so I took a quick walk down to the water.  The light was low, but the bank of cow parsley across the water was lovely.

5/24: gutenberging

I finished May's proofreading for Project Gutenberg with some pages from Alfred J. Church's retelling of the Iliad for children.

5/23: cooking & baking

...to celebrate my mother's birthday.  The day started with our cooking cloud eggs as part of a fancy breakfast and moved into baking a chocolate garbanzo bean cake for dinner's dessert.

5/22: done

...with the last of the bureaucratic tasks for the 2016-2017 school year.

5/21: helping

...a friend with her laundry.  (Okay, I wasn't much practical help, but at least I kept her company at the laundromat.)