12/7: bonuses

In addition to working through a big list of things to do today, I found some time for pleasure reading and for thinking about a new bookbinding experiment.

12/6: an unexpected turn in the day

I spilled coffee all over my desk at school--not a good thing.  And my iPhone was one my desk at the time--even more of a not good thing.  But I was going to replace the phone this month anyway (since it's no longer update-able), and I got all my absolutely-necessary work done for the day by mid-afternoon, so Chris and I went to Little Rock to get a new phone and have dinner out.

(And oh my goodness is it a good thing that I can replace a phone without having to worry about the cost's effect on my budget.)

12/5: arranging poems

In the intermediate Latin class today we experimented with different orderings of poems by Catullus, and I thought the students did a nice job of explaining their arrangement choices and the interpretive consequences.

12/4: compline

I haven't built Sunday compline into my regular schedule this semester, but I managed to go this evening and was glad I did.

12/3: more practice

I have one more bookbinding session with students before the end of the semester, and I spent some time today practicing the form we'll be making and figuring out how I want to teach it.  In the process I tried some new-to-me variations that I'm glad I now know.

12/2: early night

It was a long week and included some nights of little sleep, but my light will be out by 9:30 this evening!

12/1: candidus, candida, candidum

It's a Latin adjective for "bright," "white," "shining."  I looked at all of its occurrences today in the poems of Catullus and in the text of the Vulgate--very fun, very interesting, and (yes) very nerdy.

11/30: gutenberging

This year I've been trying to proofread at least 10 pages a month for Project Gutenberg, but November nearly got away from me.  Earlier this week it seemed unlikely that I'd find the time to do 10 pages when fresh/alert/unrushed enough to do a careful job.  Then I forgot my packet of this evening's grading at school--so I found myself with just enough time before tiredness tonight to get 10 pages of proofreading done.