8/16: mostly smooth

I've been a bit nervous about heading back to work, but today's time in the office was okay.

8/15: abstract

...written!  And new thoughts formulated in the process.

8/14: an afternoon sighting

...of a coyote eating persimmons in the rain.

8/13: rain & air

A rare August day in Arkansas with rain and cool air.

8/12: busy morning, quiet afternoon & evening

This morning we got up early so we could pick up some medicine for the cats and run errands in town, but then we were at home for the rest of the day.  I made some collages in the afternoon and then watched Vera with Chris and the cats in the evening.

8/11: a walk alone

...on the beach in the morning.  And an unexpected life lesson was posted there:

8/10: sweet time spent

...with my sister and her spouse.

8/9: water at the beach

Oh I got to spend almost two hours floating on the incoming waves!