8/31: kind words and kind people

I don't write much about people as "good things," but recently some people have been especially kind to me and have written me really nice notes--in email, on postcards, on Facebook, in phone texts.  One old friend even called me "fabulous," which made me smile a big, big smile.

8/30: post-it notes

Picturebooks are part of my academic life this semester--yay!  I've already written here a few times about the myth and picturebooks seminar, and in an independent study (on the representation of poverty in children's literature) a student and I will be looking at picturebooks for a few weeks before we move onto other kinds of texts.  Working with picturebooks makes me grateful for post-it notes:  though I don't have a problem writing notes in other kinds of books, I really don't want to write in/on picturebooks, so as I read/look/analyze I add a post-it to each page where I record my thoughts and reactions.  It was a pleasure this morning to sit on the porch with my picturebook and post-its (and coffee).

8/29: closet cleaned & photos found

The closet in my home office needed some attention (i.e., sorting and winnowing).  Today it got it.  In the middle of sifting through boxes I paused to look at old (analog) photos I came across, including some of Wilkie when he was a kitten and of Chris and myself when we lived in Los Angeles, and (from a time even earlier than that) pictures from my junior year abroad in Greece and Italy.

8/28: work and play

A good work thing:  Chris and I are co-teaching a course for the second time this year, and we changed the syllabus a little this time around in order to include Hawthorne's "New Adam and Eve."  We taught it today, and the proof was in the pudding:  it was a good tinkering to make.

A good non-work thing:  The air and water and light were kind--oh so soft and kind--tonight.  I had meant to go out to a state park for a walk in the evening, but I left work too late for that and so decided to kayak instead.  I'm glad I was able to be on and with the water.

8/27: lunar calligraphy

As I was coming into the cove in my kayak this evening (how rare to be able to kayak during the school year on a weekday!), the moon was rising over the tree-tops.

8/26: making arrangements

...for independent studies.  I'm looking forward to the content of the independent studies (one on Greek, one on representations of poverty in children's literature) as well as to the chance to work with each of the students involved.  They are nice people and good students.

8/25: past work pays off

Writing syllabuses and assignments today was so much easier because I could use work I'd done in the past as a springboard.  Nice not to have to start from scratch, and nice that past-me could be helpful to present-me.

8/24: coalescing

The syllabus for my Myth & Picturebooks course is coming together.  There are many threads to weave together.  The weaving is slow, and some of the weaving/planning will be ongoing through the semester, but I feel like I've reached the point where I need to be in order for the class to begin.  Which is good, because the class begins tomorrow.