6/28: standing

...in the middle of the creek after some difficulties in the day.

6/27: annual tradition

We made this year's Moon and June cake today.  That is always a good thing, and it's fun to think back to the June evening in 1992 when we made the first one.

6/26: writing postcards

...a lot of them! (maybe 50?) this weekend.

6/25: sounds of summer

Birds, frogs, and crickets echoing out onto the lake.  And as I was paddling into the dock, our two young neighbors talking with each other, and then with me, as twilight came on.

6/24: quick

A bureaucratic task I had been putting off took less than half an hour once I finally set my mind to doing it.

6/23: trying

...a locally brewed beer at lunch--Flyway Bluewing Berry Wheat--and liking it.

6/22: metamorphosis

I've been working on the design for a little pamphlet of anagrams entitled metamorphosis, and today I was finally able to start production.

6/21: suggesting

...two possible collaborative creative projects to a friend, and her liking both of them.