10/16: even better

I'm still not fully well (and was a bit loopy in my classes today), but when I woke up this morning I was immediately relieved to sense how much better I was.

10/15: better

I caught a cold on our little get-away to Mt. Magazine.  My sinuses were rebelling Friday evening and Saturday, but today I'm a bit better--let's hope that trend continues and I wake up well (or at least well-er) tomorrow.

10/14: electronic delivery

Sending my sister her birthday present via email so that it reaches her on her birthday.  Somehow that feels good, more like what it was when we were growing up and so of course celebrating one another's birthdays in person.

10/13: the morning view

...on Mt. Magazine:

10/12: listening

...to Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Chris on a little road trip.

10/11: our new quilt

...is so nice to fall to sleep (and wake up) under.

10/10: dinner outside

...on the cafeteria balcony with a former student who graduated a few years ago and came to town to visit during her med school fall break.

10/9: having my phone

I went to the grocery store without my wallet, which I didn't realize until I was checking out.  But the cashier let me call Chris on my cell phone, and he gave me my credit card information.  I'm not always resigned to carrying my phone with me everywhere, but having it today saved an unfortunate situation.