3/26: nevertheless

I'm not feeling well today:  I had a rough night and then a day of sinus trouble.  But I quietly worked through some tasks and am trying to enjoy a bit of quiet before the next two crazy busy weeks begin.

3/25: feeling glad

...that there's still one more day after today before heading back to school.

...that I got more spring cleaning done.

...that there are more Tiffany Aching books by Terry Pratchett to listen to, since I finished Wintersmith.

...that I wrote an email (and, I think, a good one) instead of putting it off.

...that Chris and I had salad for dinner rather than getting fast-food take-out.

3/24: dogwoods

...all around town and along the road into town!  And the "volunteer" dogwood in our yard is getting its first flowers ever this year.

3/23: spring cleaning

Chris and I began some planned spring-break cleaning today.  It feels good.

3/22: taking the plunge

I've been playing around with the idea of organizing an online working group focused on Classics and children's literature, and finally the idea needed to be either abandoned or moved into actuality.  So today I made a website and tomorrow (with luck) I'll send out a call for participants.

3/21: out in the world

I was at odds with myself today:  spirits and energy were weird and low.  I needed to be lifted out of my mind and muddle a bit, so Chris and I ran some errands and got pizza for dinner.

3/20: work & play

This morning and afternoon I worked on school tasks, including making posters for a visiting lecture and flyers for some of next year's classes.

This evening after dinner I went for a walk and afterward joined Chris and a neighbor at the dock, where we talked until dark had settled in.

3/19: the air!

Even though I witnessed it, I can hardly believe how full of flowers the air has been today!