3/18: formatting and printing

...a pamphlet of poems, one by each of our visiting Heron Tree editors.  My original binding design didn't work out, and the new format took a lot of trial-and-error with margins, spacing, and feeding the paper through the printer in particular ways.  But I'll be set to do the sewing tomorrow, and I'm glad I reached that point before calling it a night.

3/17: before breakfast

Seeing the water-drops on the redbud and heading out to take a few photos first thing.

3/16: a good day before break

Things have been tough and busy for quite some time now, but today felt different.  I took a break mid-morning to get a coffee with Chris; read Gareth Hinds' graphic novel of the Odyssey during the Greek midterm (I'm teaching it in 2 weeks); designed a Latin course that would keep us doing Latin but not be frustrating while the students were preparing for papers and tests in other courses; got some good news about a committee I chaired; designed a flyer for next year's course offerings; worked with a student to make a prototype of her chapbook; did quiet writing.  It was an upbeat way to move into spring break--which is different from the limping-my-way-toward-break that I was expecting.

3/15: homeric hymns

I like teaching the Homeric Hymns.  Tuesday it was one to Demeter and one to Aphrodite.  Today it was one to Apollo and one to Hermes.  In recent years I've taught Hesiod during the week before spring break, and that's been hard because---though Hesiod is wonderful---he's difficult to read the first time you encounter him.  I switched the schedule around this year so that Hesiod came earlier and the hymns, with their narrative boost, came during this tiring week.  It was nice for the last Myth class before break to include some laughter at Hermes' antics.

3/14: encheiridia

I made each of my students a sturdy little booklet listing the most important technical terms we've learned this year so far.  And our Greek quotation today came from Epictetus' Enchiridion (whose title literally means "little thing you keep in your hand"), so I told them that their booklets were encheiridia, too.

3/13: company

Chris decided to stay on campus into the evening so he could come to a lecture with me.

3/12: lots

...of students at a job candidate's presentation this afternoon.  I had been worried that no one would come.

3/11: facing the list

On Friday afternoon I made a kind of frightening list of what I needed to do this weekend.  As Sunday evening ticks down I can say that I did everything on it.  (How often does that happen?)