1/23: toum

When we were visiting my brother in Salt Lake City we went to a wonderful Lebanese restaurant in his neighborhood--he's a lucky fellow; it's only a few doors down from his house!  I loved the toum (a kind of garlic sauce), so I decided to try my hand at making some myself.  We had it with a Lebanese-inspired dinner yesterday and today.

1/22: after (almost) a decade

...I'm teaching the Iliad again.  I had to stop teaching it when I got colleagues who wanted to use it in their regularly taught courses (so I switched to the Odyssey for the general Myth class), but this semester I'm teaching a special course focused on the Trojan War, and we are reading the Iliad in its entirety for that.  Of course the past ten years haven't been entirely Iliad-less for me:  I've taught some of it in Greek and looked at select parts in Greek and/or English for various classes and projects, but it feels very good to be revisiting the text as a whole again.

1/21: after a decade

I'll be teaching some students how to sew a Coptic binding on Wednesday, so I had to rehearse how to do it myself.  It had been a decade (and perhaps a bit more than that) since I had done that kind of stitch.  It's not my favorite binding to do (hence the decade hiatus), but getting into the rhythm felt nice.

1/20: resurgam

I started today's Latin class with asking them to translate the verb form resurgam ("I will rise") and then showing them sketches of the 19th c. submarines named Resurgam designed and built by George Garrett.

1/19: morning epiphany

...of a new kind of assignment to try out in my Trojan War class.

1/18: welcome feedback

...from my partner in the swap which prompted me to make the Robert Burns booklets earlier this month.  My pamphlets are unusual, so I'm always a little nervous when I send them into the world, and then it's such a delight (and relief) when people receive them kindly.

1/17: bookmarks

I designed some Heron Tree bookmarks last week, and today they arrived from the printer.  I liked the look of them on my computer screen, but I had been holding my breath / keeping my fingers crossed that they would look okay when printed.  And they do.  Whew.

Here they are:

And this one lists one noun from each poem in our fourth (most recent) volume:

1/16: finishing, starting, and continuing

Finished:  a writing project that's taken far too long.  As a bonus I especially liked writing the last sentence; it seemed fitting as a last sentence.

Started:  listening to Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett.  It took me awhile to choose a book to start listening to (I finished Arabella on Saturday), and I'm really glad I persevered and found this one.  I got pulled into the story so quickly that I kept sweeping the house just to keep listening.

Continued:  proofreading Alfred Church's Faery Queen and Her Knights. It's my favorite thing that I've worked on for Project Gutenberg so far.