9/18: in the act

We know that coyotes sometimes take up residence in the neighborhood (we hear them), and a few years ago we realized that they must come into our yard occasionally to eat persimmons, but we had never seen them.  Until this morning.  Chris spotted one underneath a persimmon tree and then came to get me so I could see it too.  It was casually eating up the fallen fruit.

9/17: comfort food

My dinner:  a big plate of cheesy French fries.  This is my treat-to-self before each month's evening faculty meeting.

9/16: a few sentences

The summer-and-holiday practice of writing four pages most mornings goes by the wayside during the school year, alas.  But this morning, while I was finishing my coffee on the porch, I managed to write the opening paragraph of an abstract, and it felt good.

It also felt good to put a postcard to Chris' uncle and aunt in the mail today.  They've always been wonderful to me, and they've been having some challenging times.  A photo and a few sentences from me can't really change that, but I hope it can give them a smile.

9/15: pulling off for a minute (twice)

On my way to school this morning I stopped to photograph the lake.  An older couple was enjoying the view at the pier, too.

On my way to the grocery story this evening I stopped at the dock to catch some of the light on the water.

9/14: in the air

I was feeling well enough this evening to go out on the lake after dinner.  The air had an autumn cool in it.

9/13: very short stroll

I'm not feeling well today, but before the sunset Chris and I walked around our house a little, picking our way through the overgrowth and grasses.  I took a few photos, including these of some late-blooming (or about-to-be-late-blooming) alium.

9/12: playwright's theatre

Every year my school has a play-writing competition for alumni, and each fall there's a staged reading of the winning play.  It's a unique event, and it's especially amazing to me that a college of our size has enough play-writing alumni to keep a competition going year after year.  I was glad to go to the reading and be part of the tradition, sitting among 100+ people who came to hear a new play on a Friday night.

9/11: celia

I met Celia when we were both just done with graduate school; she interviewed for a job at the college where I was teaching then.  She didn't get the job, and I left that school the following year, but we've stayed in touch ever since.  I'm not as good as she is at checking in regularly, but every autumn for the Jewish new year I send her and her boys some honey for their celebration.  Today I packaged some up and mailed it off.