7/28: making hay

I'm trying to make the most of summer opportunities, and today's cool-for-Arkansas-in-late-July temperatures meant that I could really enjoy some lake time.

Once teaching begins, lake-time will be rare, so I'm indulging myself now.  And I'm laying in visual provisions for the school year:  today I got a big volume of Agnes Martin's work, and I'll look forward to paging through it when I'm more desk-and-chair-bound.

7/27: conversations with friends

One in person, one by phone.  I'm grateful for the friends and for today's conversations with them.

7/26: early morning message

My best friend from my childhood neighborhood is having a busy day today, but she remembered that today was going to be tough for me, so as she was heading out into her busy-ness, she called and left me a sweet phone message.

7/25: the summer of lentils

I decided to make lentils a theme of the summer by trying a bunch of different lentil dishes.  I like lentils but almost never eat them, and I thought that by declaring it "the summer of lentils" I'd remember to keep rotating them into my menu.  It's been a fun, low-pressure, and (I hope) healthful project.  Today's lentil recipe included feta cheese--nice.

7/24: four bases

It was a "do at least one thing in each of the four categories" kind of day, and it worked well.

House or self:  I ran errands in town and did laundry at home.  (One of the errands took me to the pet store where, in addition to practical necessities for the cats, I also bought them a new toy.  It was sweet to watch them with it when I got home.)

Work:  I edited students' Trollope glosses and wrote some of my own.  I made quicker progress than I had initially expected.

Exercise:  I walked at the indoor track.

Contact:  I talked on the phone with my sister.

7/23: walking company

I knew that I'd go to the indoor walking track today because it would be too rainy to kayak, and I invited one of my neighbors along.  We used to walk on the ridge together often a few years ago, when our schedules meshed well, but now we see one another less frequently.  It was good to chat and move together through the cool air in a clean, well-lighted place.

7/22: both early

I arrived at the coffee-shop early, which was okay since I had brought a magazine to read.  But my friend arrived just as I was about to walk in the door, so our conversation could start all the sooner.  It seemed like an auspicious way to begin our afternoon chat, a concrete symbol of being on the same wavelength.

7/21: kayaking company

One of our neighbors asked if he could kayak with me this evening with Chris' (mostly unused of late) kayak.  It was a good outing, with gentle water and gentle light.