11/24: cancelled

A faculty meeting scheduled for lunchtime was cancelled, so I took a walk with Chris instead.

11/23: meetings meetings meetings (and in between)

I had a lot of one-on-one meetings with students today who are working on their projects for two of my classes.  It was good to interact with them individually, and I wish I had more time so that our conversations could be more leisurely.

And during my short lunch break I talked with one of my colleagues who told me such interesting things about her extended family's history in the area.  Ditto the wish that I had more time for leisurely conversation, but I'm glad I learned from her what I did today!

11/22: alone & together

Good alone-time at the creek.  The water was cold and active!

Good together-time with Chris, watching Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix while eating home-made pizza.

11/21: a few left

The persimmon tree has lost its leaves but there are still some fruits atop it, and they were shimmering in the afternoon sun.  When I pointed them out, Chris called them "pershimmons."

11/20: blinking lights

...or so they seemed.  They were really snow geese flying high overhead, glinting in the morning sun.

11/19: starting and ending

Starting my birthday by taking pictures.  Through the condensation on the windows at home:

And at the lake on my way to school:

Then ending the day by opening packages from my mother and my best friend growing up, who sent me a silver necklace which I am right now wearing.

11/18: a fitting farewell

It was my last text-based discussion day in the freshman seminar I teach on utopian literature (we'll be workshopping projects after this).  We read two short stories by Ursula K. Le Guin:" Sur" and "Newton's Sleep."  The students' thoughts and comments were really good, and it felt like a nice end to this part of the course.  And in a way it's a farewell to the texts of this course for me:  these seminars rotate among faculty, and I've now done my two-year stint, so I won't be teaching these works again in the foreseeable future.  In all:  I'm proud of the syllabus I designed, I feel lucky to have found such a good selection of texts to use, and I know that thinking about the texts on my own and with students has changed me as a person.

11/17: inside looking out

It rained (and rained and rained) today.  I was glad that all my classes were in the same building as my office.  I paused throughout the day to photograph the autumn trees through the windows in the hallway.