8/3: writing

...14 pages of thoughts about Emily Dickinson's work and the books I've read about it this summer.  There's more I want to write at some point, but I had to stop because my thumb had gotten sore from holding the pen.

8/2: a text message

...from my brother, to let me know that he read the book I sent him for his birthday a few days ago.  I was touched that he read it so quickly and that his text message was so sweet.

8/1: air, conditioned and un-

I am grateful for air conditioning.  It's hard to imagine living in Arkansas without it.  But every summer at some point the air conditioning messes up my sinuses, and today I reached that point.  After years of this mid-summer syndrome, I know what medicines to take.  And by this evening, though I wasn't feeling completely well, I was well enough to go out on the lake to watch the sunset.  Now I'm sitting on the porch with the cats.  Time in the unconditioned air is helping.  (And it's wild to be surrounded right now by the sounds of thousands of frogs and crickets in the dark--the cats' ears are at attention.)

7/31: trail

...of the blue moon on the water.

7/30: unscheduled afternoon

It was my last unscheduled/unclaimed afternoon of the summer.  There were tasks I could have (should have) done.  But I drove myself to the creek instead.

7/29: evening rebound

Arthritis and sciatica got the better of me this afternoon, but my medicine made me feel good enough to go out to the creek at Woolly Hollow after dinner.  I love hearing the sound of the running water and watching it slip over the rocks.  I'm grateful to Chris, who drove me there and back and read and waited while I was clambering and taking pictures.

7/28: greek(ish) food

...for both lunch and dinner.  Feels like the right thing to eat in the heat.

7/27: mosaic

I was too achy (from arthritis and sciatica, alas) to go walking at the track or kayaking on the lake this evening, so after sweeping the house I spent some time making a paper mosaic of greens and yellows--the colors of the roadside grasses and flowers this time of year.