5/24: empty is good

I have a basket where I keep postcards, notes, mail-art, etc. from sendsomething and IUOMA that I need to respond to.  The basket is now empty; all arrears have been addressed.  This hasn't happened in years.

5/23: done

...with the end-of-semester tidying up of the house.

5/22: writing

...postcards in response to things I've received from sendsomething.net.  There are nice people out there in the world.

5/21: inside and outside

Inside in the afternoon:  drinking tea and having a long conversation with my brother on the phone.

Outside in the evening:  seeing the moon rise and the first (for me) fireflies of the year.

5/20: clarity

This morning I wrote myself into some clarity, working through my thoughts on Aracelis Girmay's Changing, Changing.

This afternoon I started to make the list of things I really want to accomplish this summer (and in the rest of 2016).

5/19: lotus blossom binding

Last year I came across a tutorial for a Japanese stab binding that looks like a lotus blossom (you can see it here).  This morning I finally tried it.

5/18: thankful

...in the morning for the chance to sleep in and then read and write.

...in the afternoon for finishing the last of the bureaucratic work for the school year.

...in the evening for the sunset and moonrise on the lake, for bats over the dock and whipporwills at the top of the hill.

5/17: feeling topical

...because the novel I'm reading--The Vegetarian by Han Kang--just won the Man Booker International Prize for Fiction.