11/13: arrival

...of some art supplies, little gifts to myself for my birthday.

11/12: cancellation

This morning I found out that my early-morning-in-Little-Rock-doctor's-appointment tomorrow is cancelled.  I'm glad--I had one of those today and one in a week is enough!

11/11: afternoon in the office

I've been trying not to go into my school office on the weekends, but today I thought I'd be more focused and efficient if I did.  I enjoyed doing the dictionary work for my Aesop prep, and I got comments written and sent on some students' drafts.

It was also good that I decided to go because I noticed that my car needed gas:  much better to have gotten it today than tomorrow morning, since I have to leave the house around 6:15 a.m. and am glad I don't have to push it up even earlier to accommodate a gas stop.

I gave myself the little treat of stopping at the dock on my drive home to take some pictures.  Here's one:

11/10: on an afternoon walk

...with Chris in the woods and along the field's edge.


11/9: receiving

...a postcard from a stranger wishing me "a fabulous life."  A wish I was especially grateful for after a hectic day; it helped me reorient.

11/8: Sappho

I'm preparing materials for a dinner/reading tomorrow focused on Sappho's poetry.  I appreciate having an excuse to spend time with her words.

11/7: enforcing a time-out

Work was crazy and I was feeling crazed by the time I got home.  Chris suggested we go to the Indian restaurant for dinner, and though I had plenty of work still to do in the evening it was so good to take the time to pause and talk and regroup.

11/6: Aesop

Next week we'll starting translating Aesop's fables in my Greek class, and I enjoyed preparing some materials today, formatting passages and making vocabulary lists for the students.