9/22: gin

It was a bit of a rough day arthritis pain-wise.  At dinner time I decided to try drinking some gin, which often helps.  And it did.  I'm not sure why it works--other kinds of alcohol and spirits don't--but I'm grateful for the relief.  (And having the gin mixed with seltzer water and some of the mint-and-basil syrup I made this summer was lovely even without the medicinal effect.)

9/21: writing of all sorts

Some days the words don't come easily; other days I manage sentence after sentence.  Today I produced a fair amount of bureaucratic prose for work, went to the library in the late afternoon for a quiet writing session, and tinkered with a Homeric cento using Wilson's new translation of the Odyssey.  And now I get to write here, happily marking the 10th anniversary of this blog!

9/20: the OED

In the Odyssean cento I worked on last night I used the word grain in a potentially odd way, and today I worried about it.  So I decided to consult the Oxford English Dictionary's entry on grain--and hurrah.  I didn't know that grain used to be used to refer to dye, especially red dyes.  That makes my use of it in the cento even better and not odd at all. 

Though I still have my 2-volume compact OED (which my father got for me back in the 1980s by joining a book club so he'd receive it as a welcome gift), I love using the online OED nowadays.  I'm so grateful that my school has a subscription to it.

9/19: Odyssean centos

I'm preparing to do a cento workshop (using Homer's Odyssey as the source text) at school in early October and then at a professional conference later in the month.  This summer I worked on a Homeric cento using Chapman's famous translation, and last night and today I've made two little ones using Lattimore's text.  When I teach the Odyssey I use Fagles' translation because of its high readability for students, but Lattimore's version has a more Homeric texture so it's been interesting to use for this project.

9/18: getting to think

...about Seneca's Phaedra.  I'm so glad I chose it as the Latin text for this year's senior Classics majors.  It seems like a good fit for them, and it feels like a good fit for me these days, too.

9/17: ending the day

...by reading more of The Priory in bed.  It was a day of weirdness that had me keyed up, but the novel helped me unwind.

9/16: feeling better

...today, though with some lingering wooziness.  I managed to catch up on a few things (grading homework assignments, doing some Heron Tree stuff, sweeping the floors), read an older New York Times Book Review that I had never gotten to, get farther in my Dorothy Whipple novel, talk to a friend, and watch some TV with Chris.  All of that was good.

9/15: starting to read

...another novel by Dorothy Whipple (The Priory this time), and the first page was so good.  I feel like I'm in the hands of an expert guide.