2/15: writing a complete draft

...of an abstract during my hour of quiet time in the library this afternoon.

2/14: unexpected treats

Chocolate cobbler at dinner in the cafeteria, a Gertrude Stein valentine from a dear friend, and wide-open tulip cups in the laundry room.

2/13: forms of amo

In anticipation of Valentine's Day the beginning Latin students did an activity with forms of the verb "to love" and little heart stickers.  And then I had fun putting them all up on the bulletin board in the classroom before heading home for the evening.  (The bulletin board definitely needed a make-over, since some of the things pinned up on it have been there for more than a decade.)

2/12: white and red

I have a couple of paperwhite bulbs in my office, and one of them started to bloom today.

And Chris recently bought us some tulip bulbs, which we've been growing in water and keeping in the laundry room (to protect them from the cats); this morning there were red flowers to greet me when I went in to do my ironing.

2/11: a quick sighting

...of a rabbit jumping in the rain as I was driving up to my house after work.

2/10: enjoying

...a new tea:  black tea flavored with lemon and lime.  Without soy milk it's a bit sharp-tasting for me, but with a little soy milk...ahh.

2/9: sunny

...just long enough in the afternoon for me to take my walk and listen to the "Guermantes Way" installment of the BBC Proust adaptation.

2/8: ending the work week

...on a better note than was struck mid-week for sure.