2/1: pig & cake

I took one of my tiny pig statuettes to school with me today.  It travelled in my pocket and then kept me company on my desk.  Very comforting.

Also comforting:  little cakes after dinner.  We didn't have any, so Chris drove us to a nearby store to pick some up.


Florence Vivers said...

I'm having trouble describing how much you and Christian have meant to me. I think I will just say how fortunate I am to be related to you both. Thank you for always knowing somehow when to send me a note or a photo. I keep them all and tape them to my office door and enjoy looking at them everyday!
Love you lots!
Aunt Florence

RR said...

I love you too, Florence, and I feel beyond lucky to have become part of the family! You are an extraordinary person, and just thinking of you makes me smile a big smile.