6/6: bees and sunblasted

We haven't had as much time to bee-keep this spring as we would have liked, but this morning we squeezed in a hive-check to make sure that a swarm we captured (and then combined with a queenless hive) is doing okay. They seem to be: I saw the queen; they've built a bunch of new comb; and there's brood in all stages of development.

We decided to go on the road for the afternoon, so we headed toward Leslie, where there's an organic bakery. We bought some cranberry nut bread which I'm looking forward to trying for breakfast tomorrow. But the best thing was being in the car in the sunlight. I think I've spent too much time indoors lately. I definitely feel a bit blasted by the brightness, but in a good way, as if the light has jolted me into summer.

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