7/12: the bases strategy

Years ago I needed to find a way to balance my time during the summers, and I developed the idea of bases:  every day I tried to do at least one thing in four different categories (professional, house/self, exercise, contact with the outside world).  For a few summers I held myself to this plan pretty strictly.  Recently I've been more flexible, though I've found that on most week-days I tend to touch all the bases without having to think about it.  On days when I'm feeling a little low in spirit or otherwise aimless, returning to the bases really helps.  Today was one such day, and I was grateful for the minimal structure which the bases provided.  It really kept me from spinning out and down.


Honoré said...

Oh, I think this is a grand idea! I am retired - two years- and there are days when I am at loose ends...not because I have nothing to do but just the opposite. Think I'll incorporate your technique in my days. Love that you shared this..as all your daily good things. I do so appreciate the concept.

RR said...

Hi, Honoré--Thanks for liking this idea; for me it has been so helpful. Like you said, sometimes it's a matter of having too many possibilities, and then this little bit of structure helps me to attach to particular things. I hope that you are having good days!