7/15: the sunday sweep accompanied

We have lots of wooden floorspace, and during most of the week sweeping is on an as-needed, piece-meal basis, but on Sundays I try to do a full sweep.  This summer I realized that it's a perfect time to listen to whatever audiobook I happen to have going--why did it take me so long to think of that?  In any case, it's made sweeping much more pleasant, and today I finished listening to Ender's Game while I tidied the floors.  The book comes up in children's literature conversations, so I wanted to listen to it, and now I notice that a movie of it is coming out next year, so I'm glad I have my own mental picture of the novel's world and characters before Hollywood chooses images for me.


Barbara said...

OK, so if I use your thinking and listen to audiobooks as I sweep - given that I have 3 black labrador retrievers whose main mission in life is to shed, I could complete WAR AND PEACE every single week!

RR said...

I think it would be wonderful to live with dogs in many ways, but I don't envy you the sweeping, Barbara!