7/2: satellite good things

I'm still under the weather today, but orbiting that not-entirely-happy situation have been a number of good things:

- I didn't take any medicine first thing this morning because we didn't have any more of the right kind.  This medicine-less state gave me a clear-headed hour in which I read a very interesting chapter of Jacqueline Rose's Case of Peter Pan:  The Impossibility of Children's Fiction.  In general her theoretical slant is not my own, but that difference didn't come to the fore much in today's chapter, on the legacy of Rousseau in children's literature.

- When we did head out to get more of the right kind of medicine, we ran into a colleague from work whom we hadn't seen in some time and whom we both really like.

- Although it's not a great thing that Chris is ill, too, it has been nice to have him as company throughout the day.

- I realized that I was lucky not to get this cold (or any bad cold) during the past semester.

- I am telling myself that San Pellegrino's sparkling grapefruit drink and sparkling blood orange drink are fine ways to keep myself hydrated.

- Though my head was only clear enough for one hour of theoretical reading in the morning, I've been keeping myself entertained with lighter book fare.  There are some things that I'm realizing I might not get done this summer, but I'm certainly getting a lot of reading in.


Sandy Longhorn said...

San Pellegrino is as EXCELLENT choice! :)

Hope you are fully recovered very soon!

RR said...

I think that once my cold goes away it'll be harder for me to justify the calories, but I'm definitely enjoying the indulgence for now. (And it really does make me feel better.)