7/5: an unexpected gift

My parents sent me a chair!  Not any old chair, but a chair whose upholstery is emblazoned (with Latin sayings.  (How often do I get to use the word emblazoned?)  Emma the Pleasure Cat is enjoying the chair right now, but I think I'll move it to my school office so that my students have a special place to sit when they come to chat with me.

Here's a partial view in black and white (it's all really shades of beige and brown):


Sandy Longhorn said...

This sounds so cool. Picture please!

RR said...

Hi, Sandy--I put up a picture. I couldn't get the colors right with indoor lighting, but the black and white photo at least gives an idea.... I think my students are going to laugh (in a good way!) when they come into my office this fall.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.