8/27: fish and a solution

This morning Chris and I went kayaking early, since we didn't have to head to school right away. As we turned the bend around an island in the lake, we saw dozens of minnows leap out of and then back into the water, making sweet and perfectly coordinated arcs.

This evening Chris and I had dinner with a friend, and (unfortunately) I needed to debrief with them a bit before I could let a problem from my day go. My friend suggested the perfect solution: I can't implement it until tomorrow, but it is so spot-on.

So today I'm especially grateful for little leaping fish and problem-solving friends!

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Barbara said...

I am so tired this evening that I'm having difficulty coming up with even one thing! But the day went well, I completed the second week of my semester long art class, I can hear the frogs chirping and tomorrow is TGIF!