1/19: nice little things

There was one rather unpleasant big-ish thing today, but I'm going to try to collect all the smaller good things so that, taken together, they can counterbalance the not-so-good thing. Here's a gathering of some of today's small goods:

- A new coffee machine in my office so that I can get just the coffee I want just when I want it. Very luxurious. (It took me months to talk myself into getting it, and I'm glad I finally did.)

- Unexpected time to finish my syllabus for tomorrow's first meeting of one of my courses--I thought that I would have to do it tonight or tomorrow morning, but I got it done this afternoon. Tomorrow will be less hectic as a result.

- A colleague with whom I could discuss the unpleasant big-ish thing. It helped me achieve clarity.

- Good first meetings of two of my courses for the semester.

- Two unanticipated non-businessy and very nice emails, one from a friend and one from a stranger who had seen me give my paper at the conference earlier this month.

- A new watch that I really like! I'm trying not to wear a watch much, but I realized (the hard way) that sometimes it's good to have one. So after not finding anything I liked in local stores, I ordered one online and it arrived today. It's a light ecru Swatch--very minimal in design, and no leather strap.

- Compliments from Chris on today's salad at supper-time. (He compliments me on the salad most days, which is very sweet of him, but today he said that the salad was the perfect complement for the rest of the meal. So I got compliments for a complementing salad....)

- Time for a walk. Since I didn't have to write a syllabus this evening, I was able to go to the walking track. I got to listen to Trollope on my iPod, and Chris came, too, which is always a bonus.

- Seeing Wilkie hanging out with Chris. I like to see the boys enjoying one another's company. (I'm not sure Chris enjoyed it when Wilkie tried to drink his tea, though....)

- Seeing Emma settled on top of a folded-up quilt--as if he's the princess atop the mattresses in The Princess and the Pea!

- A bunch of great postcards. One is particularly perfect for me: it's one of Hokusai's views of Mt. Fuji, and I love receiving views of Mt. Fuji, be they artistic renderings or photographs. Plus the postcard was sent with two wonderful stamps: a bee stamp and a stamp with a kawaii kitty standing in front of a kawaii Mt. Fuji.


Barbara said...

Hokusai's "wave" was in a print exhibit in San Francisco this year and I got to see it!!!!

For Christmas one of my kids gave me a Keurig coffee maker and it has made all the difference. Never before have I been in love with a coffee pot!

RR said...

My new coffee maker is a Keurig, too!