11/1: flu shots, candy bars, and free books

Flu shots were free at work today. I know it won't completely keep me from getting ill this winter, but at least I'll feel like I took preventive action.

My parents used to take us for flu shots every November, and by the time I was in high school I had developed the habit of bringing a bit of chocolate along to eat right after I got the shot. Today I slipped two little candy bars into my coat pocket, one for me and one for Chris, and we ate them on a bench next to some rose bushes after we had made our way through the shot line.

And another freebie of the day: two copies of A Little Latin Reader. I had ordered one as a desk copy, and the publisher sent me a second copy as a substitute for a different book. So I gave one to Chris, and he translated the first sentence in it (a piece of Pompeian graffiti) on the spot.


Anonymous said...

We have 4 or 5 good friends that have come up with a little scheme where they take turns to bring dinner over to our family. Not every night but I'd figure that 2 to 3 dinners a week are brought to us by these wonderful people. It helps me very much. I am much better at it now but I still lack any significant culinary skills. This dinner rotation has been going on for some time now and for awhile I would try to politely decline having food brought over. I didn't want it to be a burdensome thing. My wife finally advised me to stop making efforts to turn these people away. She said that it was as much a gift for themselves as it was a gift to our family. So, I let it go and just warmly accept what they do. One widowed woman in particular will bring the food and then will often stay and eat with us. Even if my wife is unable to eat much, she always makes an effort to eat a bit and visit with the giver. Tonight, this regular giver also brought her high school yearbook. She had gone to high school with a particularly famous person and had often mentioned him. She claimed to have dated him for a short time. So after dinner this evening, she opened the year book and pointed this young man out to us. Sure enough, there was "the guy". We laughed. The celebrity certainly lacked that star quality that would be associated with his persona today. We discussed this person a little bit. I am not much of a "People Magazine" type but the fact that this woman had a personal connection to him seemed to make it interesting. I guess at this point I should share that this woman and by inference, the celebrity, are 25 or so years older than my wife and I. I base this guess on the year that I saw displayed on the front of her year book. She is grandmotherly. I asked her why she didn't continue to date "the guy"? Her response, "Oh my. He felt me up. I couldn't have that. I ended it." My mouth dropped. There was silence. Finally, my wife just started howling. The lady joined in. It's a good day.

RR said...

What good friends, and what a nice excuse to chit-chat!

Scott Cravey said...

Great that your parents instilled the importance of flu shots to you, and the chocolate incentive for taking the shot. You can pass on that habit to your children in the future as not everyone realizes the importance of this precaution. I know very few who got sick even if they had been immunized, but I think it's because they took the shot late. I hope that won't be your case, so remember to take your shot early this November. Scott @ USHealthWorks.com/San-Leandro-Center.html -