11/20: not really a weekend day

I worked on campus today for basically a full weekday's worth of hours: not normally the best news for a Sunday, but today it was a good thing. It helped me catch up, and my tomorrow will be much happier as a result.


Anonymous said...

Very cold Sunday morning. Made coffee. Sat in the breakfast nook and watched humming birds come to the feeder that hangs outside the window. It's a good day.

Anonymous said...

It was -10 C here this morning and while I was up at 5 I did nothing much but make coffee and study for my current course till 10 am. It was great to have a slow start to the day. Cleaned the house then made a big lunch, now in the sunny afternoon I have checked or updated the hoof trim on all my horses. A friend is coming over for the evening and we always have great visits.


RR said...

The hummingbirds came in the cold? Here they seem to disappear once the temperature gets even a little nippy (alas).

And I love those slow-start mornings, April--glad you got one, & I hope you enjoyed your friend's visit!