11/9: in the text

I had a good time today getting swallowed up by the Latin text I'm teaching tomorrow, an apocryphal add-on to the Book of Daniel.


Anonymous said...

Today is my Hubby's birthday so I got up and made the tea, taking him a cup as he got up. He is now back in bed relaxing, great to see him do what he wants with his day.

The snow in the trees is very pretty, the first time we have seen it in daylight here at home, it came to us while working dayshifts. The new dog Hercules seems to like to play in it too.

I'm reading Dracula as an e-book on the Android smartphone I got yesterday. I have never read this way before and enjoying giving it a try, as well as just enjoying the story with a side of hot tea over the frozen view.


RR said...

Snow--my goodness! I hope your spouse enjoyed his birthday, April, and I hope you keep enjoying Dracula.