12/23: experiment over

This past semester I taught an Introduction to Gender Studies course for the first--and probably only--time. I decided in mid-2009 that I would be teaching it, so it's been on my mind ever since then. I lived with thoughts about what to teach and how to structure the course, and then I finally got to put those thoughts into action. I finished grading the students' last assignments today, and I'm pleased with how the course went. It wasn't always easy to teach what can be such a charged subject, but I think I can count the experiment as successful, for both me and the students.


Wil Hendriks said...

12/23: My good thing today came from the postman: a postcard from the USA, a blue one, with Christmas wishes and some nice words from you, Rebecca.
I wish you and Chris a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, greetings from Holland, Willemina.

Anonymous said...

my good thing of this day was a beautiful card from you! So, as I read the comment of my fellow dutchie, I see that you made at least two people (across the ocean) happy today!!!

RR said...

Hello, Ingrid and Willemina--great to see you both here!